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So you’re moving to San Antonio, but you have no idea where you’re going to live?! I know that can be the most stressful part of the relocation process, but you’re in the right place, I’m gonna help you figure it all out! Let’s take a look at San Antonio’s BEST Neighborhoods on the Far West Side of San Antonio.

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Vlog – Potranco Rd. – Far West Side of San Antonio

I get so many requests from you guys for these types of videos showing you around the city and neighborhoods in San Antonio, so today I’m going vlog -style and we are going to check out the BEST Neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas, on the Far West Side of the City. This is one of the hotspot destination areas, both for families moving to San Antonio and those that already live here in San Antonio. We are on the far west side of San Antonio, on Potranco Road, outside of Loop 1604, which is outside of city limits technically. That sounds like a lot to say, but it definitely makes more sense when you actually live here! And it is just developing like crazy out here! One thing that you’ll learn about this far west section of San Antonio is that each major street that extends past Loop 1604 (just remember that’s the loop that circles the outer part of the city) has its own separate community, which each function almost completely separately from each other and from the rest of the city. The Bandera & 1604 out to Helotes area was the first to really boom and next was Culebra & 1604 out to Alamo Ranch and now it’s the Potranco & 1604 area that have so much focus from developers (both residential & commercial).

Where to Live in San Antonio, Texas – Far West San Antonio

Dove Creek Shopping

This shopping center is one of the newest where there is a Ross, Petsmart, TJ MAxx & Home Goods (my favorite), Old Navy. You even have an Olive Garden, P Terrys, there is a Flix Brewhouse right over there, super fun for the family or date night. and there are several other business & shops here and really just all around the intersection of Potranco & 1604. And then of course a brand new Costco, which everyone in the area was super excited for! And of course there is H-E-B plus, WalMart & Walgreens & CVS for everyday necessities and staples. So really, besides for if you have a work commute or want to go downtown or maybe have some sort of special medical  necessity, there aren’t too many reasons that would require you to leave this area regularly! So if you like newer, cleaner, more modern shopping, dining & entertainment, you’ll love that about this area.

Far West San Antonio Living

This entire area has become increasingly popular with tons of families because of the convenience of living so close to the schools (most of the elementary schools are inside or very close to the neighborhood), the family friendly amenities-many of them have pools, splash pads, playgrounds, sports courts, miles & miles of sidewalks for bike & scooters, walking & hiking trails, and so many of the families that I help find homes out here have loved that it feels so very rural and peaceful and secluded, but its also just minutes away from almost everything you would need, location-wise.

Best Neighborhoods in Far West San Antonio

So, throughout this Far West area, we have huge master-planned communities with very suburban feeling areas, tons of brand new construction options, well-established resale communities and custom and semi custom homes on larger acreage lots with country style properties. There’s truly a little something for everyone. And it’s all within minutes from brand new & highly rated schools, some of the newest amenities, shopping centers, dental & medical centers, local businesses & restaurants, entertainment and so much more! This neighborhood that we are in right now is one of the largest master planned in the whole far west area and that is The Villages of Westcreek. Here you have a massive master planned community of more than 3,000 resale homes that started being built in the 1980s and all the way to the early 2000s. Some of the big benefits to this community are that it is well established and mature. You see the huge trees throughout the the lots and lining the streets and just all character and charm of a more developed neighborhood and it’s not as stark and plain as some of the newly built communities. It also has really easy access to loop 1604, 151, Loop 410 and Hwy 90, making commuting much easier. And there are multiple entrances & exits making it easily accessible. Families are drawn to this community of Westcreek because of the many amenities that come along with living in this neighborhood such as: 2 community pools, tennis & basketball courts, playground & park, they do tons of community events, movie nights, food truck events and casino events. It’s definitely one of the most active communities that you will find. Also, if you have school aged kids, you have the elementary school and a middle school right here in the neighborhood, with the high school very close too. The homes are also definitely more affordable here and also in most of the other subdivisions that are closer to 1604, so you get a little more for your money. Homes in the Westcreek area right now are typically selling anywhere from the high $200s up to the mid $400s, just depending on which specific subdivision and what type of home. and anywhere from $120 to $150ish /sqft. This home that is currently active on the market for $360k, it’s a little over 3,000 sq ft, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath and was built in 2005. It has a great covered patio and a good sized backyard. The owner did a few updates like new flooring and fresh paint and a few new fixtures. This kind of a middle of the road of the type of home that you can expect to find in this Westcreek and Some of the drawbacks to this area would be that many of the homes that come to the market are in need of updating & tend to have outdated floorplans, and there are quite a few absentee owners or rental properties here as well, so you could see new neighbors pretty frequently.

Stevens Ranch, San Antonio, Texas

So let’s continue down Potranco Rd, further outside of 1604. You will continue to see retail centers and businesses that have popped up all along the way. This road actually used to be just a 2 lane farm to market road, with nothing but fields and green space, and it has just changed so much over the past years! You will notice several other communities and signs for builders and model homes-there are just so many brand new home options out here, so if you’re looking for brand new, this could be a great spot for us to consider. But where we are headed next is called Stevens Ranch. This area has a brand new H-E-B, Starbucks, Anytime Fitness, there’s a Club Pilates, Christian Brothers Automotive shop, Whataburger (of course! You can NOT be a Texan and not eat at Whataburger!) and so many other brand new business and even more to come. They are clearing land all throughout this area, so there is still a lot more growth to go.

Stevens Ranch Neighborhood

Now probably the biggest thing that people love about the Stevens Ranch subdivision is the impressive view that hits you upon entering the community. The camera view just doesn’t do it justice, but in person you really feel how spectacular it is! You also have an elementary school and a middle school right here in this neighborhood. You will have to drive a bit to get to the high school (which is Harlan HS-one of the newer high schools in Northside ISD), but they are working on a shortcut to that by connecting State Hwy 211 to Culebra Rd. Which will really help expand access. But even without that being open yet, you still have quick access to 211 (heading south) to link to hwy 90. On 211 there is where you’ll find the Citibank Campus, TX Research Park, a Microsoft data center the Briggs Ranch golf club). So this is where you really start feeling more country or rural type living. Actually, quick story, One of the families that I helped relocate here to San Antonio 2 years ago from up north bought a brand new build here from the builder called Texas Homes (who isn’t building here in this community anymore) and they were able to customize almost everything, and ended up with an absolutely gorgeous home, and a great backyard that’s up on top of a ridge where they have just the prettiest views of all the green space behind them. And they loved that the builder installed a game fence so they could see the wildlife instead of the privacy fence to block the view. Little details like that are the types of differences that you see when you jump up in price range. So there are occasionally resale homes that pop up on the market, like this one it’s listed on the low end of the price range here at $464,9 it’s  4 bedroom, 2.5 bath almost 2700 sqft and built in 2016. The swing for ppsf for resale is about $170 to 200 and for brand new builds anywhere from 205 to 220 or 230/sqft. The majority of homes in Stevens Ranch are going to be brand new. And the two that are currently building out here are Kindred Homes and Perry Homes. The sales prices in new builds are currently ranging from ($mid $500s to mid $700s depending on the builder and the floorplan and options that you choose) So I will say though that the great thing about buying a brand new home right now (if you have a flexible time line to account for builder delays) is that since buyers in the market of dropped quite a bit-the builders are trying hard to move their inventory homes-and guess what that means for you? BETTER incentives! So when you call me, just let me know if you would like more info on brand new, cause I’ll help you find the best incentives!

Potranco Ranch

Ok! Continuing down Potranco Rd. I know-seems like it goes on forever! But we are getting even more rural, you see so much more nature and wildlife out here (so you definitely have to be super careful and aware when driving, especially at night) And the homes get even bigger and more gorgeous and are more custom and luxury type homes. We are actually just outside of what is considered San Antonio and we are now in a suburb of San Antonio called Castroville. This community that we are seeing is gated community of Potranco Ranch. There are about 500ish homes in this community, both resale and new build options. And the resales are typically around $200-220/sq ft. This one here that is currently on the market is $779,9 4 bedroom 3.5 bath and 3800 sq ft. It is on a half acre lot and features exposed wood beams in the living area, a beautiful stone fireplace, solar panels and an outdoor kitchen. Of you are looking for neighborhood amenities though, the only one that you have out here is controlled access, since it is so much more rural and not necessarily a well-known or destination type community. But you do have tons of space to put your own pool on a lot like this.

So I’ve highlighted 3 amazing neighborhoods for you in this area, but if these don’t seem like good fits for you, DONT worry!  there are SO many other areas to consider, and the options are literally endless and ALL over San Antonio! It can seem overwhelming, BUT that is what I am her for! I am absolutely happy to help you find the best spots and help you make the transition so much smoother. All you’ve-gotta do is reach out! As always,  I hope that this video has been helpful to you and I’ll see ya in the next video!