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Moving to San Antonio Texas?

So you’re moving to San Antonio Texas and looking for the best places to live in San Antonio, which I know can be SO overwhelming, but don’t worry-I’ve got you covered! Today we are taking a look at some really great family-oriented neighborhoods in San Antonio that are quiet & calm, have highly-rated schools within walking distance, awesome amenities and are super close to shopping & entertainment! And even better-these areas have plenty of options for homes UNDER $350k in San Antonio! AND, there are currently both resale and new construction homes available!

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Homes under $350k in San Antonio – Tammy Dominguez San Antonio Realtor

Winding Brook – New Construction Homes UNDER $350k in San Antonio

First off, let’s take a look at the community of Winding Brook. This is a very new community that is still being developed and is located past the Alamo Ranch area just off of FM 471. This area used to be just tons of field space and all rural land, but has developed so much over the past few years. When you take a look at the area you’ll see new communities, retail strips, dining and schools popping up everywhere, as this area on the Far West side is hands down the fastest growing in all of SA. Some of the benefits to buying a home in this winding Brook area specifically though are that there are currently options for brand new construction homes that are under $350k, which is getting increasingly harder to find these days. You won’t find many resale homes in this community since it is so new, and there are currently only 2 builders, which are Centex & MI Homes, but Centex is the only builder that has options under $350k, (just depending on the floorplan and square footage that you are looking for). To search new construction homes under $350k in San Antonio (Winding Brook), just click here.

Benefits of Living in Winding Brook

All 3 schools that Winding Brook is zoned for are very close as you can see here on the map, and they are in Northside ISD. As for necessities, you have H‑E‑B super close, CVS, Walgreens, a few medical offices throughout this Culebra Rd area, and as you look at the Loop 1604 area, that’s where you will find the anchor type retail spots like Target, Best Buy, Ross, and tons of other businesses, restaurants & entertainment. This area is a short commute to major highways for your commute and to get to downtown, usually around 25-35 minutes. While I’m talking about the topic of commute-I will warn you that getting into and out of the Alamo Ranch area on Culebra Rd, can get pretty congested with traffic, especially at peak commute times. That doesn’t really deter many people from moving to this area, since there is traffic no matter where you go in San Antonio, but it is something that I just warn people about.

Incentives for New Construction Homes in San Antonio

If you are thinking that brand new is the best option for you, I will say that with builders increasing production, they do have more inventory available. And with that, they are offering so much more in incentives than they have in the last few years, so we’re talking about reduced sales prices, paying some or all of the closing costs, helping buyers to buy down interest rates and things like that. CLICK HERE to search through new construction options in the San Antonio area, but honestly the easiest way for you to find the best options and incentives is to just reach out to me and let me get the BEST options for you.

Remuda Ranch – Homes Near Helotes Under $350k

The next San Antonio neighborhood with home options under $350k is Remuda Ranch. This is a small, pocket-type community that isn’t very well-known, but is a really good option if you are looking for a quiet and quaint community, with modern (but not brand-new) homes. Construction started here in this area in about 2013 until about 2018 or 2019. So, you will find more updated features and floorplans, but not have to deal with having new construction mess and debris all over the neighborhood. Also, there is a pretty good mixture of homes here, starting in the low $300k up to the mid $500k, and there were quite a few semi-custom builders, so you will see more of a variety of elevations and floorplans here instead of every home looking the same.

Living in Remuda Ranch

This neighborhood is also part of Northside ISD and is zoned for highly rated schools, and the amenities include a pool and a park & playground area. One of the main reasons that this neighborhood is so appealing to buyers is that it is so close to the city of Helotes, which is one of the most popular suburbs of San Antonio. You can see here on the map that it is just a short drive away. I’ve done other videos that explain the appeal of Helotes, and why people love to live there, but the home values have just increased so much these past few years, that it has become increasingly challenging to find a good home there for under $350k. So, the fact that this community is so close, makes it a great option if you like the Helotes area specifically. To search homes in Remuda Ranch, just click here!

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Silver Oaks – Resale Homes Under $350k in San Antonio

So, moving on, next let’s take a look at another resale community where you can find an even larger number of options under $350k in San Antonio, and EVEN some options that are under $300k, and that community is Silver Oaks. This area we just jumped across Galm Rd., which that takes you right into Helotes. So, this area is only resale, but it is a much more established area and has more mature trees and landscaping. Most of the homes here were built from 2006 to 2014-ish, so they are semi-updated, but you will see some that need updates. You’ll find that the exteriors & elevations and interior features tend to be more basic in these homes, but for the sales price and considering that some of them are as low as $120-$130/square foot, you are getting ALOT for your money in this neighborhood, especially if this is your first home or starter home. Location-wise you are looking at the same overall amenities for this area-it’s really close to Helotes & the Texas Hill Country and everything that Helotes has to offer, as well as the main anchors of the Alamo Ranch retail areas and all of the retail centers and businesses that have developed all along Culebra Rd.

Valley Ranch – Family-Oriented Community

The next San Antonio neighborhood is the one with the MOST options of homes that are under $350k in San Antonio, and it is a mixture of brand new construction homes and resale homes, so there are options for both. This community is called Valley Ranch, and it is a very well-known master-planned community on the Far West side of San Antonio, mostly because of this amazing amenities center! It is probably one of the most recognizable neighborhoods in San Antonio because of it’s impressive water slides and water-park type pools, the catch & release fishing pond, sports courts and walking trails, and for the just overall family-oriented community activities that are scheduled throughout the year.

Resale & New Construction Homes in Valley Ranch

As for the homes here in Valley Ranch, it is exclusively a DR Horton community, and there is a pretty large price range swing. You can find smaller, starter type homes in the high $200k range, all the way up to the huge 4,000+ square feet 6 bedroom homes that are in the high $400k. The overall feel of the community has been established, there is an elementary school right inside the community, and even though there are still tons of new construction homes coming up, the neighborhood feels very well developed. Resale inventory homes do pop up on the market, but the biggest overall selection is going to be on the new construction side, and we can find you some really great incentives on that side as well.

San Antonio Home Goals

Whether you are moving to San Antonio, Texas or already living in San Antonio, Texas – if you are trying to find the best places to raise a family in San Antonio, I am here to help! I hope that this information is helpful to you, as always reach out at anytime with questions. Thanks for following along, and I hope to connect with you about your San Antonio home goals soon!

San Antonio Homes Under $350k – Tammy Dominguez San Antonio Realtor