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Where to Live in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a HUGE city, with so many different areas to choose from when you’re trying to figure out where to live. So, how do you even begin to narrow it down?

Let’s take a look at several San Antonio suburbs that are the most well-known and desirable areas, according to niche.com.

Pros of Living in a San Antonio Suburb

As with most other large metro markets in the U.S., San Antonio is expanding outward.

Smaller suburb cities of San Antonio are experiencing tremendous growth, and provide great opportunities for those that are wanting to be close to all of the amenities of San Antonio, but not necessarily inside of the busy city. 

Each suburb has it’s own unique pros & cons, and I can definitely help you figure out which one best fits your needs. 

Where are the Suburbs of San Antonio Located?

There are smaller suburbs of San Antonio scattered throughout and beyond the Alamo City.

Some of these suburbs are located in pockets within San Antonio, and some are located on the outskirts.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and desirable San Antonio Suburbs to consider:

All About San Antonio Suburbs

Each of these San Antonio suburbs offers a completely different lifestyle and attracts different types of residents. I have broken down some general information for you, and can absolutely help you narrow down your options according to your needs and wants. There are several other useful resources to further research areas on your own also.

Alamo Heights – San Antonio Suburb

  • Alamo Heights Characteristics: Historic, affluent, and residential.
  • Alamo Heights Lifestyle: Upscale living with historic homes and tree-lined streets. Well-regarded school district, Alamo Quarry Market for shopping, and cultural attractions like the McNay Art Museum.
  • Median Home Price in Alamo Heights (December 2023): $753,750

Terrell Hills – San Antonio Suburb

  • Terrell Hills Characteristics: Small, affluent, and exclusive.
  • Terrell Hills Lifestyle: A small community with luxurious homes, excellent schools, and proximity to the amenities of San Antonio. Known for its security and family-friendly environment.
  • Median Home Price in Terrell Hills (December 2023): $781,250

Olmos Park – San Antonio Suburb

  • Olmos Park Characteristics: Exclusive, upscale, and residential.
  • Olmos Park Lifestyle: Luxury living with grand homes, parks, and a golf course. High-end shopping and dining options along with a focus on maintaining the area’s elegance.
  • Median Home Price in Olmos Park (December 2023): $885,000

Timberwood Park – San Antonio Suburb

  • Timberwood Park Characteristics: Rural-suburban mix, spacious lots.
  • Timberwood Park Lifestyle: A mix of rural and suburban living with larger properties. A community-oriented atmosphere, parks, and a sense of tranquility.
  • Median Home Price in Timberwood Park (December 2023): $580,000

Helotes – San Antonio Suburb

  • Helotes Characteristics: Quaint, rural-suburban mix.
  • Helotes Lifestyle: A small town feel with local events and a close-knit community. Proximity to Government Canyon State Natural Area for outdoor activities.
  • Median Home Price in Helotes (December 2023): $425,000

Fair Oaks Ranch – San Antonio Suburb

  • Fair Oaks Ranch Characteristics: Master-planned, country club atmosphere.
  • Fair Oaks Ranch Lifestyle: Golf courses, parks, and equestrian facilities. High-end homes, a focus on outdoor recreation, and a serene, upscale environment.
  • Median Home Price in Fair Oaks Ranch (December 2023): $750,000

Boerne – San Antonio Suburb

  • Boerne Characteristics: Charming Hill Country town.
  • Boerne Lifestyle: Historic downtown with local shops and restaurants. Arts and cultural events, family-friendly atmosphere, and good schools.
  • Median Home Price in Boerne (December 2023): $575,000

Garden Ridge – San Antonio Suburb

  • Garden Ridge Characteristics: Small town with spacious lots.
  • Garden Ridge Lifestyle: Known for spacious properties and a peaceful suburban environment. Close to natural attractions and parks.
  • Median Home Price in Garden Ridge (December 2023): $565,000

Live Oak – San Antonio Suburb

  • Live Oak Characteristics: Diverse, residential.
  • Live Oak Lifestyle: A diverse community with a mix of housing options. Convenient access to amenities, good schools, and parks.
  • Median Home Price in Live Oak (December 2023): $281,000

Schertz – San Antonio Suburb

  • Schertz Characteristics: Growing suburb.
  • Schertz Lifestyle: A growing community with a mix of residential and commercial development. Strong community engagement, events, and convenient access to major highways.
  • Median Home Price in Schertz (December 2023): $353,000

Bulverde – San Antonio Suburb

  • Bulverde Characteristics: Rural charm.
  • Bulverde Lifestyle: Emphasis on preserving natural beauty. A laid-back lifestyle, rural charm, and proximity to outdoor activities and parks.
  • Median Home Price in Bulverde (December 2023): $412,900

Castroville – San Antonio Suburb

  • Castroville Characteristics: Historic small town.
  • Castroville Lifestyle: Historic charm with a close-knit community. Quaint Main Street with local shops and restaurants.
  • Median Home Price in Castroville (December 2023): $508,000

Cibolo – San Antonio Suburb

  • Cibolo Characteristics: Rapidly growing community.
  • Cibolo Lifestyle: Family-oriented with new developments. Good schools, parks, and a sense of community.
  • Median Home Price in Cibolo (December 2023): $368,520

Shavano Park – San Antonio Suburb

  • Shavano Park Characteristics: Upscale residential area.
  • Shavano Park Lifestyle: Prestigious neighborhood with large homes. Proximity to major highways, upscale shopping, and a quiet, prestigious atmosphere.
  • Median Home Price in Shavano Park (December 2023): $839,500

Canyon Lake – San Antonio Suburb

  • Canyon Lake Characteristics: Lakeside community.
  • Canyon Lake Lifestyle: Emphasis on outdoor activities like boating, fishing, and camping. A relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere.
  • Median Home Price in Canyon Lake (December 2023): $371,250

Stone Oak – San Antonio Suburb

  • Stone Oak Characteristics: Affluent, upscale.
  • Stone Oak Lifestyle: Upscale homes and amenities, excellent schools, and access to shopping and dining. A growing community with a mix of residential and commercial development.

Moving to San Antonio?

I know that this is tons of info to take in, and there is so much more to consider when moving to San Antonio! But, I am here to help!

As a relocation specialist in San Antonio, I have helped many families move to San Antonio from all over the country, and I would love to help you too.

Tammy Dominguez - San Antonio Realtor, San Antonio Relocation Specialist
Tammy Dominguez – San Antonio Realtor, San Antonio Relocation Specialist