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If you’re going to be selling your home & relocating to San Antonio this year, this video is for you.

Are you feeling the stress and overwhelm yet?

Hopefully if you’re seeing this video, you’re still in the planning phase and haven’t felt that creep up yet! But, either way, I’ve got some tips for you to help calm  that overwhelm and simplify the process for you.

Here’s exactly what I would do if I were selling my home & relocating to another city or state (as a realtor & a relocation specialist).

Know Who Will Be Helping with Your Relocation

#1. Know who is going to be helping you from both locations.

If you own a home in your current location, you will need to establish your plan for what happens when you leave, whether you will be selling that home or renting it. So decide who you will have as a listing agent for that side of the process. 

Then you will also need to decide who will be helping you through the relocation process in San Antonio to help familiarize you with the areas and find the best options for you. 

And that’s actually the biggest step, because partnering with the right people in this first step of your move, because they can manage both sides of the relocation process for you and alleviate tons of stress while helping you manage all of the moving parts.

Have a Detailed Process for Selling Your Existing Home

#2. I would make sure that I have everything locked down on selling my existing home. I would begin organizing & pre-packing while getting rid of clutter & unnecessary items in my house. 

The less that you can move with you, the easier the process. This will also help you to be photo & showing ready for when you’re on the market. I would consider any necessary repairs or maintenance items, fresh paint, staging, or anything else that would help my home really stand out to buyers. 

I would also have a detailed discussion with my listing agent on a pricing strategy for my home. I would want to know current homes on the market in my area, how long that they’ve been on the market for & how many price reductions they have had. 

That way I can price my home competitively and according to the current market, so that it can sell quickly and not delay anything in buying my new home & not stress me out even more! 

Know Lending Options for New Home in San Antonio

The 3rd thing that I would do if I were selling my home & relocating to San Antonio, is to make sure that I know how the lending process will work, if I am using a mortgage loan for my new home. 

It’s actually a better idea to get this process started as soon as possible, so more around the same timeframe as preparing your home for the market. 

The reason it’s so important is because it will help you to know if you qualify for both homes at the same time, just in case your current home doesn’t sell according to plan. It also helps to have a plan for different types of loans that are available. If you are going to have a gap in employment or loss of income while you are moving, this may affect you qualifying for a traditional mortgage loan. 

Typically you will want to have this conversation with a lender that is local to San Antonio, and your relocation partner will likely have some referrals for you.

Plan with Your San Antonio Relocation Specialist

#4 is to have a detailed plan with my relocation specialist in San Antonio.

At this point, I have provided them with my target move date, my needs & wants in a community & a home and have had detailed conversations with him or her about market conditions and the top communities that they suggest for me.

I would also connect them with the agent that is selling my home so that they are able to maintain constant communication.

Whether you’re buying a brand new home or a resale home, if you have a contingency to sell your existing home, everyone will need to be informed of offer statuses, contract timelines, & other contingencies.

As I mentioned, there are many moving parts if you’re selling & buying at the same time, so it’s important to have all parties in communication. 

Moving to San Antonio Timeline

Everyone’s timeline is different, but usually at this point I would be deep in home search mode. I would be visiting the San Antonio area, if possible and touring suburbs, neighborhoods & specific homes that I was interested in. 

If I couldn’t visit the areas in person, I would want to make sure that my realtor & relocation specialist has a process in place to be able to familiarize me with the areas and show me home options virtually. 

Many More Details of Moving

Of course there are tons of other details that go into planning a move to another city, like scheduling movers, securing employment, researching neighborhoods & schools. 

Everyone’s details are going to fall into place in a different way, but the main goal is finding someone that is experienced in the relocation process that can help guide you through your move. 

Video: BEST Tips for Moving to San Antonio (with LESS Stress)!

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~ Tammy Dominguez, San Antonio Realtor & Relocation Specialist