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If you’re buying a home in San Antonio this year, you can stop scrolling through Zillow now. I’m going to save you some time here.

Searching New Construction Homes in San Antonio?

Whether you’re moving to San Antonio or already living here, you’ve probably noticed a crazy amount of brand new homes showing up in your search. And I’m going to explain to you why and how that could be a great thing for you.

Ok, if you’re someone who is adamantly against buying new construction, then this blog probably isn’t for you. But, if you’ve decided that you do want a brand new home in San Antonio, or it’s at least an option for you, then keep reading.

True Story

Now, I actually had a buyer client that recently complained to me about this situation, which is why I thought of doing this video. He was on the fence about whether he wanted to buy a brand new home or a resale, aka “used” home. Before he found me, he was using Zillow and other MLS syndicated sites to search for homes.

His complaint was that he couldn’t seem to find many resale homes to look at because there were SO many new builds popping up on his feed. I helped to fine-tune his search and it turned out that a new build was what worked best for him. He’s actually about to close on his brand new home. 

But the point that I really want to highlight for you if you are buying a home in San Antonio is this: New Construction is winning in San Antonio right now, and here’s why: (By the way, if you’re moving to San Antonio, make sure to check out the last benefit of buying a brand new home in San Antonio, cause that one’s just for you).

Why Are There So Many New Construction Homes in San Antonio?

Home Builders have been building all over the San Antonio area to help accommodate all of the people that have been moving here over the past several years. All over, especially the outskirts and suburbs of San Antonio where you used to see fields and country roads, developers have been purchasing and creating more communities and housing to help cover the housing shortage.

Now, being that the housing demand has slowed because of higher interest rates, there has been a surplus of inventory homes that the builders are needing to sell. Which is why new homes are dominating the real estate search pages like Zillow, Trulia & realtor.com.

Because of this current surplus in new home inventory, This means that the builders in the San Antonio area are highly motivated to sell. Which is great news for you as a buyer, because that means that brand new homes can be more affordable than existing (resale) homes & possibly more flexible on price (during this current market, anyway.)

What Are the Pros to Buying a Brand New Home in San Antonio?

Affordability & Incentives for New Homes in San Antonio

They are offering UNbeatable incentives (through rate buy-downs, covering closing costs, free upgrades, appliance & landscaping packages, & more). Some builders even have hometown heroes discounts for teachers, firefighters & EMS and of course military personnel.

Another great way to save money on new construction that is often overlooked, is to find a community that is either just getting started, or is in the close-out phase. Many builders offer their best promotional pricing at the beginning and end of a community phase.

Brand New Everything

One of the most obvious benefits of building brand new is that all of the major systems are BRAND NEW. You don’t have to worry about a damaged roof, an old AC or water heater, out of date plumbing or electrical…All of these things are very costly to replace, and that is a risk that you have to consider when buying a resale home.

That does not mean that new homes are perfect, there are still plenty of defects that you could find. But if  you hire an inspector & find these issues before closing, they can be addressed by the builder. That’s a topic for a whole other blog!

Top Notch Energy Efficiency

The next huge benefit to buying a brand new home in San Antonio is of course that the energy efficiency is going to be much better. Everything is constantly improving in these standards in new builds (Think more and better insulation, radiant barriers, double pane windows, more energy efficient HVAC systems & more).

New Home Warranties

Now let’s talk about warranties. These vary by builder, but the typical warranty is a 1-2-10 warranty. The workmanship of the home is usually covered for the first year (also known as a door to door warranty).  Then you have a 2 year warranty that covers the major systems (you can typically think of this as the items that are out of sight in the walls or foundation, such as the plumbing & electrical. Then you will usually have 10 years of coverage for any major foundation issues. 

The #1 Benefit of Buying a New Home in San Antonio (Especially if You’re Moving to San Antonio)

The next (& probably the biggest reason why new construction homes work out so well, especially if you’re moving to San Antonio from another city or state), is that the timelines tend to align much better.

Here’s what I mean: If you are relocating to San Antonio, you most likely have a long list of things that need to happen before you purchase your home here. Most people start planning their moves 6 months to a year in advance.

It’s difficult to align your whole timeline with the timeline of a seller that is likely waiting for their own home to sell so that they can move forward with their own timeline. Most of those sellers are expecting to close on that home within 30-45 days after going under contract.

When it comes to a builder, there are various phases of construction and timelines of completion for their inventory homes, which give you options. They are also usually a bit more flexible when it comes to a contingency to sell your existing home, if you need that.  

Is new construction the best option for everyone? Nope, not saying that. 

Are there cons to building brand new? Definitely, and you should know the pros & cons before making a decision.

You Can Stop Scrolling Through Zillow for Homes in San Antonio

Here’s where I get to the part on how I can help you from wasting your time on Zillow if your searching for a home in San Antonio. 

If you’re even considering building your home in San Antonio this year, you need a Realtor who knows the market, but who is also very experienced in new construction on your side to help you find the best options in the quickest way possible.

It’s easy to get lost in the thousands of home options that there are online, but you will not get the full story or range of details or scenarios of those specific homes.

When you work with someone that is familiar with the hundreds of new communities that are popping up all over the area and has relationships with several sales reps & builders across the city, that really puts you in a great position to find the best neighborhoods and home options that are matches for you.

As a new construction specialist in San Antonio I’ve helped numerous clients navigate the building process, and all of the hurdles that come up along the way. I will help you figure out which areas and specific builders will work out for you and determine your needs vs. your wants.  

The Most Important Thing When Buying a Brand New Home in San Antonio

But, the BIGGEST thing that you need to know before buying a brand new home is this: Even though you will be building, you will still be purchasing a home. Which means that you will absolutely want representation as the buyer. The sales rep at the builder’s office represents the BUILDER, not YOU. Negotiations are between you and the builder, so it’s important that you have someone working for YOUR best interests.

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