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YES!! You DO Need a 3rd Party Inspection on a New Construction Home!

❌ MY reposting of this video is NOT bashing any specific builder, OR the new home construction industry! ❌

I know my way around the new home communities, and have many VALUED partnerships with San Antonio builders, sales reps, construction managers, inspectors, etc. My own family chose a new construction home to live in last year, and I have helped many family members, friends & clients through the new construction process. So, I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t buy a new construction home in San Antonio (or anywhere).

In fact, even though I have had my own issues with our builder, my husband & I have decided that we will never by another home that is not new construction. What I AM saying, is that third party inspections are THE BEST way to help prevent issues such as these (but, by no means a guarantee against quality issues). So, please don’t misunderstand the message here!

My intention with this video is simply to inform & educate as a Real Estate Professional 📚 Here are my thoughts on the original video that I want to share with homebuyers:

1. I am so sympathetic with this homeowner & what he has experienced! After his video has gotten MILLIONS of views, the builder finally agreed to resolve the issues.

2. He does indicate who the builder is, and there are thousands of comments bashing that builder. Ok, while I do understand that there is an overwhelming amount of people that have had awful experiences with said builder, there are similar complaints against EVERY builder (especially production builders). As a new home expert, I have had experiences with almost every well-known builder in S. Texas, including this one, and I can honestly say that these types of issues pop up with most of them.

3. I’ve learned that a builder’s reputation & quality are only as good as the trades that they hire or the construction managers/teams that they have in place in any specific community. So you will find different levels of quality in different areas.

4. I recommend that all of my San Antonio home buyers get a 3rd party inspection done EVEN with new construction homes, so that there is at least a higher likelihood of issues like these being caught ahead of time. There are different types of inspections that you can have done during the build process, depending on what stage the home is in when you contract on it.

Phase inspections can be done in different phases of construction, or if you purchase an inventory home that is complete, you can have a final inspection done. Because there are so many different scenarios to the home-building process, it’s impossible to guarantee that 100% of the issues will be caught. (For example, even if you hire an inspector to inspect the frame, pre-drywall installation, the brick ties won’t necessarily be installed yet. If you hire an inspector for the final inspection, there may or may not be access to this area in the attic for the inspector to be able to notice that there are no brick ties installed.)

A home (even a brand new one) will NEVER be perfect! But, it is always better to have as many eyes as possible on your home throughout the build process. Also, make sure you hire a Realtor to represent you through the new build process so that you at least have this knowledge!

If you are searching new construction homes for sale in San Antonio, I am here to help! And, if you’re moving to San Antonio, you’ve come to the right place! I specialize in helping families relocate to San Antonio from all over the country, and I would love to help you too! Just reach out, and we can plan out your move to San Antonio!

Here is a link to the original video (in case you haven’t seen it yet).