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One of the big questions that I get asked from my clients that are moving to San Antonio, Texas is “why don’t San Antonio houses have basements?”

Why Don’t San Antonio Homes Have Basements?

There are plenty of reasons why they are not common down here in south Texas. The geology and soil are not basement friendly, so it’s typically not going to be cost effective for builders to add basements when designing homes. I’ve also read that because the frost line here in San Antonio is much closer to the surface than it is in northern areas, so it just doesn’t make sense for the builder to dig so far down. 

But even though homes with basements are extremely uncommon in San Antonio, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I wanted to show ya’ll this home that I am showing to my buyers today, because it is truly such a unique home and layout AND it has a really cool walk out basement area too!

4639 Sunrise Beach

Now when you first look at the outside of this house, it looks like a typical one story home, maybe not a lot stands out, but just stick with me. You’re going to see as we are walking through, all of the upgraded features of this home that are just not very common in homes these days, and really add to the value and the overall experience of the home. 

This home is actually located in a gated 55+ community that has tons and tons of things going on for the residents. There are indoor & outdoor pools, a gym, pickleball, tennis, walking trails and plenty of clubs to join. 

Full Video Tour of 4639 Sunrise Beach – San Antonio Home with Basement

San Antonio Basement Home – Full Video Walkthrough

Now, if you’re watching this video and you’ve lived in a home with a basement, I’d love to know what you think or thought of it, are there any benefits to it? And, If you’re liking this video so far, make sure to like it and subscribe so that you can learn even more about moving to San Antonio, Texas, the types of homes we have and where to live in San Antonio.

San Antonio Homes with Space for Entertaining

My buyers that are looking at this home are actually from here, they aren’t moving to San Antonio, but they entertain their family ALOT, so it was super important to them that we find a home with tons of space for them to have people over and not feel cramped. And ya’ll we have had a tough time finding the perfect space, we’ve been looking for about 5 months, but this one really seems to check all their boxes, so I’m super excited for them to see it!

Now, I know that this isn’t a traditional basement that you would find further north, and maybe you’re gonna tell me in the comments that you wouldn’t consider it a basement at all, because it has windows and a door, but – it’s pretty close for those of us here in San Antonio rarely see a home with this feature.

There’s a great outdoor kitchen with sink and grill here with counter space and a spot to add stools. It needs a good power wash, but imagine how awesome this would be to have all year round here in San Antonio! And I just wanted to take a second to let you see and hear how beautiful and peaceful it is out here. And, all of that side yard up to the fence is part of this property as well.

What do ya’ll think of this house so far? And do you like to see the full house walkthroughs? Let me know in the comments so I know if I should do more of these. If you’re moving to San Antonio with your family this year, I have tons more videos on my channel, and make sure to check out my links in the description so you can see all the resources that I have to help my buyers that are moving here and trying to figure out where to live in San Antonio.

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