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June 2022

Is it still a SELLER’S Market in San Antonio?

San Antonio homeowners what is going on in this crazy market? Is it still a seller’s market in San Antonio? Is the market shifting? Can you still sell your home for a top dollar? I have all the info for you on sales, pricing and predictions for the San Antonio housing market. There have been all kinds of news stories and social media posts saying that we should expect a housing market crash, or for the bubble to pop, but data shows that we are absolutely not heading towards that, at least not here in San Antonio.

San Antonio Home Sales May 2022

For May 2022, sales data the average sales price in Bexar County was at an all time high of $332,000. In May 2021 this number was $290,000 and back in pre-pandemic, May 2019 $249,000 which at the time was a really strong number. 

We saw more than 32,000 new listings last month which sounds like a lot, but when you equate that to only 1.2 months of supply…it really puts it in perspective of how low home inventory is in San Antonio. Typically about six months of supply would indicate a balanced market.

San Antonio Average List Price May 2022

When reviewing the average percent of list price in Bexar County, May was at an all-time high of 101%, meaning that many sellers received asking price and even hire when selling their homes.

San Antonio Sellers Market
San Antonio Sellers Market

Is there still a demand for housing in San Antonio?

So does this mean you can slap any price that you want on your home and expect it to sell the first day on the market? Absolutely not, the increase in interest rates has caused some buyers to drop out of the homebuying process, but even with that there is still an incredibly high demand for housing in San Antonio. So even though we are still in a very strong sellers market and even though predictions are for a slowing of the increase in equity rates, we are not expecting any type of decreasing home equity values here in San Antonio.

How much equity do I have in my San Antonio home?

Home preparation, as well as a strong pricing strategy and marketing strategy are the keys to making sure that your home sells for top dollar and in the least amount of time. If you are ready to consider your options for selling your home in the San Antonio area, just click on this link, give me some quick info and I will run your customized home equity report and send it to you as soon as possible. Or of course you can call or email if you would like to discuss what selling your home and/ or buying a home in 2022 would look like for you. Thanks so much for watching and have a fantastic month of June!