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If you’re moving to San Antonio, TX, I’m 99.9% sure that your #1 question is-where are the best places to live in San Antonio for families? Whether you’re looking for family-friendly and safe neighborhoods, amazing schools, fabulous amenities, historic and full of culture or brand new & pristine…I’ve got a little bit of everything for you today – we are exploring San Antonio’s BEST Suburbs for families…because the suburbs of San Antonio are WHERE it’s at -So let’s get to it!

So first off, this list of San Antonio’s best suburbs for families was created by Niche.com, so this list is not my own or my opinion. I’m going over it with you to give you more information about these areas and help you understand them, but these ratings and the data is all public and I’m not steering in any way!~ Just a little disclaimer there! Now people are moving to San Antonio in record numbers-that’s no secret. We see people not only from all over the country, but even people that are leaving other TX cities, especially Austin & Houston that are just looking for a different way of life, more affordable housing and things like that. BUT the areas that are really seeing exponential growth are the suburbs of San Antonio. There are some that are smaller cities that are technically inside of SA, and then there are some on the list that are outside of SA, but are still included in the greater San Antonio metro area. Either way, people are absolutely loving these smaller little towns & suburbs because they have their own small town vibes and tight knit communities, they feel like they are away from the hustle & bustle of the city, but yet they are still close enough to San Antonio that they can take advantage of the big city amenities, like medical care, shopping, restaurant variety, night life and those types of things.

Now, I’ve lived in the San Antonio area all of my life and know these areas very well-so if you’re moving to the San Antonio area, you just have call me, text me, or email me-You can tell me a few of the things that you want and a few things that you don’t want when looking for your home and I will help you find the best areas for you, and more importantly-help you to keep from making a mistake and moving to an area that you absolutely hate, all you need to do is reach out & I’ll take it from there!

Ok so let’s get started, we are going to work backwards on the list and work to the number 1 San Antonio suburb at the end.

#10 Suburb in San Antonio – Helotes, Texas

So the number 10 top suburb to raise a family in San Antonio is Helotes Texas. It’s a tiny little town just outside of San Antonio on the far north west side of the city And it’s very well known for its beautiful Texas hill country views and natural rolling hills & lush type landscape. As you can see on the map, what’s actually considered as the city of Helotes is kind of a funky shape as it has developed so much, but it’s on Bandera Rd, outside of Loop 1604. All of this area here is considered as San Antonio and this is actually a super developed area of the city. So you have a large movie theater here, tons of restaurants and retail sites here along the access road and just across 1604 over here you have a massive H-E-B, academy, Home Depot, target and then be of shopping and restaurant options. And hello this you’ll find a pretty good mix of well established neighborhoods with bigger lots and custom type homes that have some fantastic views and there has also been quite a bit of development in this area for newer neighborhoods that have more tract type or cookie cutter type neighborhoods which offers more affordable options in this area because people just love living here in this Helotes so much. You have the famous Floore Country Store, which is one of the best known live music venues in the hill country. And let me tell you, there is a reason for that-my husband and I love coming here, we like to get some phenomenal bbq, have a few cold beers, hear some amazing music, it’s just an ultimate TX type experience, even if you don’t live here, people come from ALL over to come to Floores. You have the Helotes creek winery, there are market days events that go on in their old town section and lots of other family oriented events that take place throughout the year. And if you love outdoors and hiking, you have Government State Canyon literally in your backyard. I don’t love to go there in the summer, but during milder temps, it’s just beautiful! Helotes is zoned for Northside ISD which is the largest district in SA, and it is A- rated by niche.com, has a population around 9500 people. The current average sales price for homes in July 2022 in Helotes is $469k.

#9 Suburb in San Antonio – Schertz, Texas

The number nine best suburb to raise a family near San Antonio Texas is Schertz, Texas. Now Schertz is all the way across town, just Northeast of San Antonio outside of loop 1604, and kind of in between 135 and I10. There are actually several other little suburbs here, you see Cibolo, Live Oak, Garden Ridge. a few of them are also on the list that we will talk more about, and some of them didn’t actually make the top 10 list, but are still great suburb options as well.  Now Schertz actually falls into Guadalupe county instead of Bexar county, so the property taxes are a little less out here and are a little over 2%. Some of the things that people love about Schertz is that it is peaceful and tranquil feeling and is very neighborhood centric. Schertz is a very well known family area because of the school district (SCUCISD) which is very highly rated by niche.com and is know for academic excellence and also because of the close proximity to JBSA Randolph AFB. This also makes Schertz a very popular destination for military veterans and retirees, which make up about 20% of the overall population here! So the location appeal of Schertz is that it is so close to everything that you would need from SA, really easy access to get to downtown SA since you have 2 major highways right here to choose from and even close to Ft Sam Houston. You have a massive H-E-B here on 1-35 and also the forum which is a HUGE outdoor shopping center, tons of restaurants, with that access to 1-35 you are just down the road from all that new Braunfels has to offer like Schlitterbahn, Landa Park and the Snake Farm, tubing, you have all of these parks, nature parks & nature reserves all over, you’re a short commute to rock and the Quarry golf courses for golfing, there are just endless options for entertainment out here! Schertz has A rated schools on niche.com, population around 42,000 and the current average sales price for a home in Schertz is in July 2022 is $342k.

#8 Suburb in San Antonio – Boerne, Texas & Scenic Oaks

OK now the number eight top suburb to raise a family near San Antonio, well it’s actually the number eight and the number seven I combined those two because they are so close to one another and that #8 spot is going to be the city of Boerne and Scenic Oaks. I was actually really surprised to see scenic Oaks make the list for the top suburbs to raise a family, because it’s not really a destination type spot. And it’s not an actual separate city or what would technically be a suburb, more of a really large neighborhood or community. That just shows that the people that are making these lists are not from San Antonio, they are using black & white data & statistics, and they aren’t familiar with the areas. But that’s why you need to call me, because I will help you to find JUST what you’re looking for because I know all of these areas.  But It is in a great area and it is absolutely beautiful, but it’s just not one of those areas that people are just magnetized to, if that makes sense. So I am going to include that with Boerne and go over both of them here. So let’s head back to the north west side of the city outside of 1604 and a bit further than the Helotes area actually from Helotes if you just follow this road right here this is called scenic Loop and that will lead you right into scenic Oaks. And then when you hop onto I 10 and just head a bit further west is when you come into Bernie now Bernie is on both sides of I 10 on the west and on the east and then a little further outside as well. And this whole area much like the rest of the city of course, but this whole i-10 corridor area has just exploded like crazy. There is traffic, there is construction because of the rapid growth an because so many people commute from Boerne to SA, but the new HOV lane has definitely helped with that. And this is where you’ll find everything high-end and luxurious on this side of the city, on 1-10 heading out to Boerne. So luxury car dealerships, the shops at La Cantera which is a premier outdoor mall in San Antonio along with the La Cantera resort & spa, the Rim which is a huge outdoor shopping Destination, the palladium movie theater, some phenomenal dining spots so there are tons of date night options, we love to eat at the palenque grille for some amazing Mexican food and then go to the rustic for a few drinks, which is a super cool bar & restaurant that we like. There are tons more of things to do, it’s just impossible to name it all!you have numerous golf courses, the dominion, which is one of San Antonio’s most famous luxury neighborhoods and country clubs. And JB Sa camp Bullis is right here and then of course, the Boerne area is just so we’ll know for being a quaint and charming, beautiful hill country town. Now the residents of Boerne of course so proud of their town and they don’t necessarily want even more huge influxes of new people and they definitely aren’t looking for any changes to their way of life out there, but the recent growth has been inevitable as the area has been so popular with those that are moving from all over the country and the state. and if you visit you’ll understand why. Even though it’s close to San Antonio, it just feels so far away. Boerne is well known for its German-Texan history and it’s small town, family oriented ambiance. You’ll love historic downtown Boerne, they have tons of shops, antiques, unique restaurants and cafes, and they also host market days, antique car shows, the Dickens on Main Which is an enormous and magical Christmas season event. You have River access, lake access, parks, nature trails, true ranch style homes, custom homes, cottages, brand new neighborhoods, just a huge variety! There is just so much to love about the Boerne area! The population of Boerne is almost 17,000 and Scenic Oaks is over 6,600. The Boerne ISD is A rated with Niche.com. Scenic oaks is serviced by both Northside isd and Boerne isd. The avg sales price for homes in Boerne for July was $648k.

#7 Suburb in San Antonio – Hollywood Park, Texas

Ok coming in at #7 is Hollywood park. This tiny little town is located in the southwest quadrant of Highway 281 and Loop 1604, but it’s in the north central area of the city. It neighbors Hill country Village which is another excellent option for San Antonio suburbs and I’m actually surprised that that one did not make the list. This area is truly iconic to the city of San Antonio, as it has a very rural feel with tons of trees lining the streets, large established homes that are situated on gorgeous larger size lots. And it is very well known for being a peaceful, quiet and tranquil neighborhood, Which is surprising considering the area of San Antonio that it’s located in a very central, super busy and populated part of San Antonio. But you don’t get that feel when you are in Hollywood Park. It feels like you are much further away from the big city noise and activity than you are, there is so much gorgeous greenery, lots of wildlife spottings in this area. A big part of the appeal to families in Hollywood Park is that it is part of the highly rated and well regarded northeast independent school district which makes it a very sought after area for people with families that have school aged kids. And Hollywood Park is one of those areas that people really love to live, they love the community that has been built and they don’t want to leave very often, so you’ll find lots of long-term homeowners and very little inventory that comes on the market. A majority of the homes were built in the 1960s & 70s, so when listings do hit the market, the home will either need a renovation or has recently been renovated & updated.  Location wise, it is central to everything you could need in San Antonio. All of the stores, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, medical that you could need are here on either highway 281 or loop 1604. And you’re minutes  away from the San Antonio International Airport, North Star Mall, it’s just a fantastic location if you’re wanting to be somewhere that is very central. The population of Hollywood Park is around 3100 and it is serviced Northeast ISD , which is A rated with niche.com. The average sales price for homes as of July 2022 in Hollywood Park was $544k.

#6 Suburb in San Antonio – Cibolo, Texas

Moving on to the #6 San Antonio suburb to raise a family, that is Cibolo, Tx. So we actually talked about that area when we were looking at Schertz, so there isn’t much new to add to what I already showed you. Cibolo is located in a spot that is pretty rural feeling, as there is a lot more farm land and ranches out this way, and acreage. You’ll find so many little back roads, farm to market roads, completely different landscape from other San Antonio areas. Just like all of the other suburbs, it has experienced so much growth these past few years. You’ll find a mix of older more established neighborhoods and there are tons of new build neighborhoods that have popped up as well. And you get a bit more for your money, as homes are a bit more affordable even though values have been increasing here too, and the property taxes are a tad lower as well. Much like Schertz, military families love the Cibolo area for the close proximity to Randolph AFB and the school systems here. Cibolo has a population of about 30k, and is part of the highly rate SCUCISD. The average sales price for home in Cibolo as of July 2022 was $361k.

We are halfway done already! Hopefully you’re still with me getting through this list. It can seem overwhelming, I know! I put this information out there for people that are moving to San Antonio so they can really get a feel for the areas, but really, the best thing that you can do is reach out to me so that I can help you with this process so that you don’t do this alone and move to an area that just doesn’t work for you. People reach out to me all the time from my videos for help, and honestly-that’s what I am here for!

#5 Suburb in San Antonio – Shavano Park, Texas

So the #5 suburb, let’s head over to Shavano Park! I love this little suburb so much! It’s located inside of Loop 1604, near the I-10 corridor, which we’ve already covered that area, location-wise. This is another area where the residents just love to be and don’t leave often! It’s a very well established and situated area where you see that the homes are on very large, tree filled lots, and there is green space everywhere. The streets are lined with huge oak trees and canopied by the trees. Another spot that just feels like a nature preserve, you see so much wildlife, especially deer. You’ll find that most of the homes here were built in the 80s & 90s, a few in the early 2000s, again some of which need updates and renovation. The designs and architecture though are just beautiful and so unique from the new build homes that you find. And there actually are no new construction homes in Shavano Park. There is a community called Shavano Highlands that is building brand new, it is across loop 1604, but it’s not the same area or part of the city of Shavano Park. The population of Shavano Park is abot 3,800, and it is part of Northside ISD. The average sales price for homes in Shavano Park as of July 2022 was $935k.

#4 Suburb in San Antonio – Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Moving on to the #4 suburb for families near San Antonio is Fair Oaks Ranch, which is just off of I-10, just past The Dominion and heading West towards Boerne. Now what’s special about Fair Oaks is that it’s a combination of Texas Hill Country living and country club living. In fact the entire community is pretty much centered around the country club as the hub that ties together all of the separate subdivisions. It is known for being a premier luxury suburb that offers kind of the best of both worlds-it’s in between San Antonio’s best luxury spots and Boerne’s small town rustic charm and culture. The residents tend to love all of the family-centric events, camps and amenities and the spectacular views and rural feel of the area. The homes here tend be larger square footage, on larger lots and there both older, custom type homes and new builds here that are being built both custom & inventory builders. . The population in Fair Oaks Ranch is around 10,700 and the average sales price as of July 2022 was $723k.

#3 Suburb in San Antonio – Garden Ridge, Texas

For the #3 top suburb, we are heading back to the I35 north corridor to Garden Ridge TX! This tiny little town is just across the highway from Cibolo & Schertz, so it has all the same location perks, but it’s closer to the Texas Hill Country, so you will see some gorgeous scenery and views here. It’s well known for being a very close-knit, family oriented community and also for it’s nature based amenities and landscaping. You can see it is just surrounded by all this green space, even the neighborhood streets, feel so rural and they have preserved that overall just natural feel throughout the developments. This is where you’ll find Natural Bridge Caverns, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, the Bracken Bat Caves, there are nature preserves, hiking trails, nature walks. A really cool place to be to feel like you’re disconnected but still close enough for everything that you need for your day to day. You will mostly find older type homes here, built in the 70s80s and 90s, but there are some newer construction from the early 2000s also. They also tend to have larger size lots here, several homes with pools, more custom and larger square footage homes instead of tract style. And there are no brand new, inventory type communities here in Garden Ridge. So Garden Ridge, TX has a population of about 4100, and is part of the highly rated Comal ISD. The average sales price here as of July 2022 was $730k.

#2 Suburb in San Antonio – Timberwood Park & Stone Oak

Getting close to the end now! In the #2 spot for top suburb near San Antonio, we have Timberwood Park, and I’m going to include Stone Oak into this as well. These two areas are not actual cities, they are more of massive neighborhoods comprised of multiple master planned communities and subdivisions. But this is easily the most coveted and desirable area of the city, and it’s located just North of loop 1604, in between hwy 281 and Blanco Rd. This is definitely no surprise, as this area of the city is such a destination spot for both locals and especially for those that are moving to San Antonio from California, NY and all over the country. So, of course it has the beauty of the hill country all around, spectacular views, wandering wildlife everywhere. But it’s also prime location for shopping, dining, entertainment. This area is ideal for those that are seeking a high end lifestyle, luxurious resort style amenities, exclusive communities located in gated (and sometimes guarded entrances). So many families, especially those that are new to the San Antonio area absolutely love the social events that are held throughout the communities and especially through the local country clubs (there’s the Stone Oak Country Club, the Club at Sonterra, the Canyon Springs Golf Club) and so many other events and social amenities that really form the sense of community family out here. The home values in this area have steadily increased even more than other real estate in the area because of the low inventory and always increasing demand. The Stone Oak area is home to all types of recreation and entertainment, any type of shopping that you could ever need, including Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s, and a multitude of businesses, corporate offices and some of the citie’s best medical care. These areas also feed into some of the highest rated districts in San Antonio, North East ISD and Comal ISD. Timberwood Park is home to more than 25,000 people, and the average sales price as of July 2022 was $565k.

#1 Suburb in San Antonio – Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, Olmos Park

And we finally made it to the #1 suburb to raise a family in the San Antonio area! If you have made it this far, thank you and I really hope that this video has helped you! Please make sure to give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments which of the San Antonio suburbs is your favorite! And of course-if you’re desperately seeking all the info on San Antonio make sure to subscribe so you can see all of my other videos about the San Antonio area! So, the #1 area is going to actually be 3 cities combined into to the top spot because they are all clustered together location-wise, and those cities are Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills & Olmos Park. It is the uptown area of the city and is very central to literally everything that defines San Antonio. It is minutes from the SA International Airport, the SA Zoo, Botanical Gardens, The Japanese Tea Gardens, all of the museums the Quarry golf course and Quarry Market shopping. And most importantly, all the culture and fun and entertainment that downtown has to offer. These areas attract families and residents that are specifically looking for a variety of historic homes that were built in the early 1900s, to quintessential mid-century homes. You will even find some from the 80s & 90s and a few even newer. But all are just so unique and spectacular, if you’re looking for rich history in an elite neighborhood with endless character and charm…this is it. These areas are typically not HOA regulated, but you will still find very close-knit communities and so many family oriented events. Probably the number 1 thing that draws families to this area though is the school district, Alamo Heights ISD, which has an A+ rating with niche.com. It’s very well known for academics, college prep and having amazing teachers. The combined population for these cities is about 16,000, and avg sales prices from July 2022 for Alamo heights was $767k, Terrell Hills $978k and Olmos Park $1.1M.

Thanks for exploring the suburbs of SA with me today, as always-all you have to do is reach out and I’ll be there to guide you with your move to San Antonio! Thanks for watching and I’ll see ya in the next video!