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It’s not easy finding brand new homes under $350k in San Antonio these days. It can be even more frustrating when you’re moving to San Antonio, and have no idea where to live.

It’s a huge city with tons of neighborhood options! Plus, there are tons of the outlying towns and suburbs of San Antonio, which makes the decision process even more overwhelming!

So, if you’re moving to San Antonio with your family this year, you don’t want to miss this. Especially if your budget is $350k or less! We’re going to look at and compare some great community options for you today. And the best part – these communities were chosen because they have the largest amount of new home inventory under $350k.

San Antonio Relocation Specialist

I’m a San Antonio relocation specialist, so I help tons of families with their move to San Antonio. A majority of the time, new construction homes just work out better with the relocation process. I have a separate blog and video explaining why new construction homes are a great option if you’re moving to San Antonio here.

Neighborhoods with Brand New Homes UNDER $350k in San Antonio

Let’s get started with the best neighborhoods with the most brand new home inventory under $350k. I’m going to show you multiple communities, built out by several different builders. Plus, we’ll see some specific homes that they have available and compare them to see which are the best buys for your money.

These are really great options for you if you’re PCSing to Lackland AFB because of the highway access to get to Lackland. 

Applewood – Brand New Homes in San Antonio Under $350k

The first community that we are looking at is right off of Loop 1604, just south of Hwy 90. This community is called Applewood. It’s  exclusively built by DR Horton, so you won’t find other builders in this neighborhood. Some of the standard features for the homes in this community:

  • The front elevation with brick and stone. 
  • They include the landscaping package with the sod and baby trees. And also irrigation or sprinkler systems, which not all builders include, so that’s a plus here in Texas.
  • They have covered patios in the backyard, also another benefit when you live in Texas
  • Granite countertops and 2 car garages are standard features. Which again, that’s not always the case with all builders in every community.
  • And, these homes include the smart home package which connects the thermostat, doorbell and some of the lights in the home to an app on your phone.

Homes for Sale in Applewood

Check out all of the homes for sale in Applewood here!

Cinco Lakes

The next community that has a large selection of brand new homes under $350k in San Antonio is Cinco Lakes. It actually is a neighboring community to Applewood. Cinco Lakes is currently being built by (M/I Homes, Legend Homes & Centex).These are all tract style builders, so of course there is similarity in the overall look of the community. But, you do see more variety in the home elevations and styles.

Centex offers more entry-level homes within this community. There are currently even quite a few options that are below $300k, which is not easy to find in this market. Here are some options for new homes in Cinco Lakes less than $300k.

Legend and M/I are on the higher price range in this community, which is the highest current listing is $409k. 

M/I currently has 2 different products in this community with a 45’ or 5o’ homesite option, which allows for a bit wider floorplan.

Hennersby Hollow

These homes range from 1100 sq ft to 2600 sq ft. They are mostly 3 & 4 bedroom, but you can find some 5 bedrooms as well. The pricing in Hennersby Hollow starts around $250k, and that is for the Starlight homes series.

Starlight Homes are more for the entry level into the neighborhood, with more basic floorplan and finish out compared to the Ashton Woods series. But, they are currently including the refrigerator, washer and dryer in these homes, which is not typical with buying a home. This can be an awesome bonus for first time homebuyers, or for those families moving to San Antonio that don’t want to move all these bulky appliances with them.

More About This Area

I want to tell you more about this overall area, which includes the communities that we’ve already seen, and the communities that I still want to show you.

Here are a few pros & cons of this whole area in general:

Pros of Living on the Far West Side

  • Because they are outside of San Antonio city limits, the property taxes are a bit lower and all of these more rural areas qualify for USDA financing.
  • Even though there is tons of growth and new development, it is still considered a more rural area. So you do get some nice views and more scenic landscape.
  • The grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants & schools and pretty much everything are going to be newer and more modern.
  • You have most everything that you need with a few different grocery store options and even a Costco within a short drive. There’s a new shopping center with TJ Maxx, Bath & Body Works and tons of other stuff right off of 1604. And, there are plenty of restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, entertainment and everything else close by too.

Cons of Living on the Far West Side

  • This used to be a well-kept secret of San Antonio where people moved to get away from the traffic and city life. But, the secret is out and now this is one of the biggest areas for growth and development. 
  • This means that there are a few spots on Hwy 90, Loop 1604, 211 and Potranco Rd where traffic can be a pain at peak times as people are commuting.
  • Besides the construction going on in the new home communities, there is also construction on roads, highways, and commercial areas as they are accommodating for the population growth. 
  • Especially within the new communities, there is an overall lack of maturity in the landscaping. The newly developed areas sacrifice much of the trees and greenscape. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part you will see the newly planted baby trees in all of these areas.

Horizon Ridge – Brand New Homes Under $350k

Now to the next community with brand new homes below $350k. On 211, but on the opposite side of Hwy 90. This one is called Horizon Ridge, and it is also a very new community. The homes here are built by Centex and Pulte, which are both under the Pulte Homes umbrella.

Centex is more of the entry-level type home & Pulte is more mid-level.

The homes that are currently available in Horizon Ridge are from 1200-2700 square feet and mostly 3 & 4 bedroom floorplans. The starting price here is around $270k, and the highest price is $435k. But most of the home selection is below $350k.

Highlight of the Potranco Rd. Developments

If you’ve seen any of my other videos, I have several that show and highlight this area, but I’ll give you just a quick overview. This is where you’ll find all of the biggest developments. With the newest H-E-B, coffee shops, fast food, salons & tons of other businesses popping up.

Hidden Canyons @TRP

So this next community lands you pretty close to all of that development that is ongoing, and makes everything within a convenient distance. There are 2 communities called Hidden Canyons & Hidden Bluffs @ TRP because of it’s close proximity to Texas Research Park. KB Homes is the exclusive builder out here.

One of the big reasons why I like this community and this builder is because even though they are still tract style homes, KB Homes is a little different than the others. They do have inventory or quick move-in homes available where all design elements have already been selected.

But, they also have other options of homes that are in different phases where you can still make some of the selections of the finish out in the design center. You even have the option of selecting your homesite, floorplan and all design elements if you build a home from dirt. 

These 2 communities do currently have homes in process that are under $350k, but it will entirely depend on whether you would decide to upgrade anything (if it’s still possible in the construction phase). One big thing to be aware of with KB is that their base features tend to be super basic, and upgrades in the design center can add up very quickly.

PCS to Lackland AFB

Any of these communities are going to be great options for you if you’re moving to San Antonio or PCSing to Lackland AFB. Here are a few reasons why I think it may be a good fit:

  • First of all, I really like this area in general. The Potranco area has a lot to offer and people generally like the overall rural feel.
  • The schools in this area have good ratings, and people have told me that they like the overall family vibe of the area.
  • Each of these builders and communities have different features and benefits. It’s just going to depend on what you and your family are looking for specifically.

Best Advice if You’re Moving to San Antonio

If you’re moving to San Antonio and trying to decide where to live in  San Antonio, I’ll say this:

It’s great to watch videos like this to get ideas and to be able to have examples in your head. But, there are just so many options on where to live in San Antonio. All of the positives and negatives of a specific are could never be explained fully in a video.

So, to really get a good idea of the best areas for you and your family, the best thing is to reach out to me so that I can advise you based on your specific needs & wants. You can reach me by text, call or email, and I’ll take it from there.

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